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• 10/9/2017

About Toki's ability

So as you all already know, Toki's ability is to be able to see into the future.
However, as i reread Saki:side A I found that Toki had mention that her former ability is three armies. Is this has been mention anywhere as to how it's work? If it's not, do you guys think this will be shown in the future since she's got her own manga now after all.
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• 7/7/2018

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• 3/13/2017

I need help!

It seems I am one of the few remaining here that edits and i'm not sure how long I can keep that up by myself. As the topic states, I need some help.
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• 7/2/2016

First Appearances

So naturally, a bunch of characters appear in the manga before they are actually named, but I've noticed for a few of these characters, their "first appearance" has been removed, and it's just the named debut on their page.
Should I go around and add the unnamed debuts to these pages? Or are we going to just keep the named appearances as their "debut"?
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• 6/21/2016

Match for 5th

Given how chapter 161 went, I assume we're gonna get a full Match for 5th, should we add a page for that under the 71st Interhigh page?
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• 1/3/2016

Saki Anime, Manga, and other Saki Disscussion

Well this show is pretty Interesting. At time i think Saki is a little under powered. Although I still think that maybe she's hold back because of what happened in the past. I found this image that I am hoping will finally become true in the finals but that'll be to see. 

I think it would be interesting to actually see Saki do this in the finals it would also prove to the viewers and people watching that she is related to Teru. I Didn't really char to much for Himematsu or Rinkai (I didn't really like Kyouko she seemed to be to plan and i thought it was lame Saki couldn't finish off that one amd I don't really like Nelly and would like to see her get her butt kicked) I really hope Saki Shows her true side in the finals and proves she is Teru's Sister once and for all. Also hoping for some more back story of Saki and Teru and what happened. Maybe something will happen which will remind Saki of the past and how she used to play and what happened that she'll end up changing in the middle of the match and start kicking butt. ALthough i'd like to see her use this ability of Teru's or maybe use an ability like Koromo's or even both would be even more interesting. Also so far the only training we know she did was the stupid computer training which i think is still lame, but there has to be more training she went through then just that which makes me think she was hold back for the finals or Hisa told her to hold back one or the other. I just think she should be holding back or is not fully herself yet. What i'd like to see happen in the finals is this.
1st: Kiyosumi
2nd: Shiraitodai
3rd: Rinka
4th: Achiga
One reason i think Achiga is going to be last is that Shizuno may have the Nullify ability, but it's not an ability that works all the time at least that's what I read somewhere. Rinka I think maybe 3rd as she is pretty strong, but it wouldn't surprise me even if she ended up 4th instead. I think Shiraitodai will maybe be second for a few reason one Teru using her the mirror ability will dominate most of the people in the first round and the rest of the team will probably protect the top spot until the captians match. As for why I put Kiyosumi in first is because I think Saki will finaly show the real her or her real play style and the possible chance she maybe even able to copy or use others ability might be possible would be interesting to see if that happens. Though i think she will finaly come to terms with her real abilities and find her true path.
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• 3/18/2015

Sorry I deleted a photo

Sorry, while I was editing the Professional Mahjong Card section, I deleted by accident, the photo of Risa Noyori.
I´m really sorry. I didn´t realized it until I entered here a minute ago...
I hope it was not so hard to fix it...
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• 2/24/2015


Okay, so after editting a couple of pages, I've come across a regularly occuring thing.
If a character is predominately in a series (ie, Saki, Achiga, or Shinohayu), then their "plot" will consist of that, and then they will be mentioned if they're in other series after their main series. It actually kinda looks messy because of the now overlapping timestreams, there's repetitive information.
Personally, I think there should just be a regular "plot" overview with no descrimination of which series it appeared in. In this way, the plot comes in chronological order to the character, not us. Does this seem alright?
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• 1/14/2015


Dear wikia users, go consume a literal bag of shit. Sincerely, wikia servers

Some will know what I am talking about, but others will be confused. Well I'm here to tell you that, should a month or two come (and I say "should" because of the impending threat that the world could theoretically be nuked into oblivion at any given moment), wikia itself will be undergoing a great change.
This change? Wikia is getting a new layout. Here's what our main page will look like under the "Venus" layout:
I know what you're thinking: "Good god that layout is SHIT". You're objectively right. So, what are we going to do about it? The answer is nothing. Wikia will permanently implement it come a month or so. Rebelling against it will do nothing since wikia probably doesn't give a shit due to the fact they'll still be getting money, but that's not what this is about.
Wikia have disabled any chance of using the classic editor. Talk about disabling the monobook feature is popping up here and there too, and I hope to God this isn't true. The problem here is that we may need to redesign pretty much everything on the wikia, which as you can assume will take a painstaking amount of effort. Here's what the editing section looks like on this:
A clusterfuck ain't it? And here's the page itself:
Now, the page layout itself isn't too painstaking, in my opinion actually the larger text makes it easier on the eyes, but as you can see it funks with the infobox - rendering the recent activity box and the character infoboxes, as well as the images, clunky-looking and uncompromising.
And let's not forget the "SEE MORE" button...
Under the alternative circumstance we wouldn't have too much trouble redoing the wikia entirely, but since Arsonal and ChrisH8 are presumably MIA, we don't have much template-savvy folk on this wiki at the moment. But the good news is that I have several code-savvy friends who administrate larger wikis, namely the One Piece wiki, who can help us in fixing shit up when the time comes (and if needed, give them temporary admin rights here).
Use this thread to discuss the layout change and what we should do.
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• 5/20/2014

Chapter 126?

I think there's an error in Chapter 126, for those of you who've read it already.
On page 6, Hisa draws the Aka-5-Pin, even though it was in her starting hand on page 3, and it doesn't look like she discarded it, either (so she could draw the second Aka-5-Pin). Her discards were Xia -> 9-Pin -> Pei -> 8-Wan and then Hatsu; it looks likes her draws were, in no particular order, 3-Pin, 3-Wan, 3-sou, and Aka-5-Sou, then the Aka-5-Pin. 
Except it doesn't make sense because she talks about how she has 2 dora in her starting hand!? It looks like Hatsu was supposed to be in her starting hand instead of the Aka-5-Pin, but I'm pretty certain she's talking about having 2 red dora tiles in her starting hand, so maybe the 5-sou in her starting hand was supposed to be red? I dunno ;-;
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• 4/26/2014

Zenkoku-hen Captain Match?

Was it just me or did Saki purposely change back into her +/-0 style both times when she gave Himematsu the win? The anime showed her hand being compatible to the 6-bamboo tile she discarded (called on by Suehara), but she didn't decide to win with it. Not sure about the time that Himematsu ended Iwato's streak, but it seemed to be a similar situation of purposely letting her call/win.
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• 4/26/2014

Does/what is Himematsu's Suehara's ability?

Throughout she mentions being an ordinary or normal player, but it seems that she does have an ability. Evidence:
- she thinks to herself "can I adjust in time" when seeing the abilities of the other players
- ability to keep thinking & changing to win (i.e. how the situation is similar to 3-player majhong with Kasumi's ability active)
- The glow in her eye during the ending of the last Zenkoku-hen episode
- their weird coach saying something about abilities
... based on all of this, I think her ability (if explicitly described/shown as one) may be similar to Tsuruga's Kajiki in terms of changing to win based off what other players do. Perhaps stronger and/or better.
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• 4/26/2014

Saki v. Teru's styles

Obviously they are related, considered 'monsters', and have similar appearances, there are 2 main parts of their style I find similar:
Ability Reading/Sensing: Teru uses the mirror in the 1st turn of every game to win, before going on her streak. Although Saki doesn't have a mirror, she is able to get a sense of a player's power and/or mentions to Nodoka during the intermission of her match that someone is still hiding something. As well, it seems that she doesn't really try until some semblance of the other player's abilities are shown.
Streaks: Teru goes on streaks of increasing value, whereas Saki is able to go on streaks. In the prefecturals Saki does something similar to Teru with the 'warm-up' thing (hands of ~1000), before winning big hands (i.e. yakuman).
What do you guys think?
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• 4/6/2014

Saki Zenkokuhen anime ended

Today, with episode 13, saki zenkoku-hen anime ended. I think it take a while to see a new anime series, but as the manga is near it´s end (unless Kobayashi Ritsu decides to do Saki worl tour or something like that), that next series will be the ending.
Oh I forgot, there´s still Shinohayu out there. Only one season or two, if Shinohayu gets an anime.
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• 2/22/2014

What is the weakness of her ability of being able to hoard one suit tiles to herself?

In the semi-finals, Saki found out the weakness of her ability and use it to make her win after bypassing Toyone's Pursuit Riichi and wins with a ippatsu rinshan kaihou.
So, what was it about the dead wall and the one suit hoarding ability?
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• 2/22/2014

Something that disturbed me in the plot.....

In the plot mentioned below,
Awai was one of the few players who sensed it when Komaki Jindai fell asleep and became possessed by a goddess and hit Yuuki Kataoka with a sanbaiman.
When was it that this happened? I have read the whole manga till the recent chapter but I can't recall this ever happening. The facts that I know of are, Awai is captain, Komaki and Yuuki are vanguard so how did this happened?
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• 2/20/2014


Katsudon has a cultural context associated with winning or victory in Japan. (Katsu can also mean Victory) Fujita's eating habits are likely in reference to this association.
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• 1/28/2014

Character list

Well, I opened up a character list, which will be using tables.  I figured this Wiki needs one.
For standardization, last name first on the character column.  Then sort alphabetically.
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• 1/28/2014

Japanese Mahjong Wiki

Sorry about the lack of content on the mahjong game front.  However, I've been busy on another Wiki that is strictly towards the game.
Feel free to take material from there, as much of it has been my own work.
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• 11/11/2013

Announcers for the final match

Who would you think is broadcasting the finals?
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