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• 4/17/2013

Shizuno's ability is the most intruguing ability

No one can understand how it activates, i only know it has something to do with the dice and walls.

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• 4/20/2013

The dice and walls were with respect to Shiraitodai's Oohoshi Awai's ability, mainly. Awai gets a Kan when she draws a tile near the turn of a corner on the wall or after they make a turn, and I believe the winning tile comes as they turn the next corner. The latter is debateable, but Awai definitely gets a kan as they turn the first corner on the walls, which is why the dice roll is important, if there is a low dice roll (such as 2) or a high dice roll (such as 10) they will start drawing their tiles near the beginning of a wall, leaving a lot of time before Awai's Kan and attack, maximum about 8 draws per player.

From what I understand of Shizu's ability, she can control the "walls" which are known as "mountain's in Japanese (山- yama), by making the walls her territory, because she spends a lot of time in the mountains, or something (>>). In this way, she can halt the helpful draws of her opponents, as noted by both Awai and Shindouji's Himeko. She couldn't overcome Himeko and Shirouzu's bond from working, but she delayed it long enough for Himeko to notice; however, she was able to stop Awai, and her comeback by controlling the dead wall, making her Kan-Ura-Attack null.

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