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• 2/22/2014

Something that disturbed me in the plot.....

In the plot mentioned below,

Awai was one of the few players who sensed it when Komaki Jindai fell asleep and became possessed by a goddess and hit Yuuki Kataoka with a sanbaiman.

When was it that this happened? I have read the whole manga till the recent chapter but I can't recall this ever happening. The facts that I know of are, Awai is captain, Komaki and Yuuki are vanguard so how did this happened?

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• 2/22/2014

It was expanded on in the anime, but here's the page it happens on in the Manga:

Oohoshi-san may be a captain, but she was still in the building when Jindai-san fell asleep; presumably, Oohoshi-san, like Saki and Amae, have the same sensory capability of finding other monsters.

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