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• 2/22/2014

What is the weakness of her ability of being able to hoard one suit tiles to herself?

In the semi-finals, Saki found out the weakness of her ability and use it to make her win after bypassing Toyone's Pursuit Riichi and wins with a ippatsu rinshan kaihou.

So, what was it about the dead wall and the one suit hoarding ability?

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• 2/24/2014

Basically, Iwato-san's ability distributes the tiles such that she will only draw one suit + honour tiles, and the other players will get the other two suits + honour tiles. Because of this distrabution, everyone thought that the dead wall would contain the remaining tiles of Iwato-san's suit, since that makes the most sense mathematically; however, when Saki began declaring kans, it became obvious that the dead wall contained the other two suits, and not Iwato-san's suit. I wouldn't consider this a weakness, but it's definitely something that only Saki can specifically exploit.

Basically, Saki can still win even under the pressure of Toyone's Pursuit Riichi and Iwato's suit magnet because she her main ability is to get Kans and Rishans.

(By the way, the rules state that you can't have an Ippatsu Rishan)

• 7/14/2015

Kasumi's weakness is that while only having one suit greatly increases the speed of completing the own hand, also the other three players have it easier with only two suits. In Saki's case this means that she can complete kans faster. The defense is also easier as stated by Kyouko in the manga.

There are 4*9 = 36 tiles of each suit and 4*7 = 28 honor tiles for a total of 136 tiles (there are no seasons or flowers in riichi mahjong).

Each player starts with 13 or 14 tiles and draws 17 or 18 times which means that at least 5 tiles of Kasumi's suit (more if she has or draws honor tiles) must be drawn by another player (probably near the end) or be hidden in the dead wall. If the tiles were in the dead wall then this would hinder Saki, but this isn't the case which means that Saki gets useful replacement tiles after calling a kan.

This was still not enough to compete against Kasumi's advantage, so she had to use Toyone. She collected three of Toyone's winning tiles, and the riichi and pursuit riichi forced her to draw the fourth tile, completing a kan.

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