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Mira Laime
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• 4/26/2014

Saki v. Teru's styles

Obviously they are related, considered 'monsters', and have similar appearances, there are 2 main parts of their style I find similar:

Ability Reading/Sensing: Teru uses the mirror in the 1st turn of every game to win, before going on her streak. Although Saki doesn't have a mirror, she is able to get a sense of a player's power and/or mentions to Nodoka during the intermission of her match that someone is still hiding something. As well, it seems that she doesn't really try until some semblance of the other player's abilities are shown.

Streaks: Teru goes on streaks of increasing value, whereas Saki is able to go on streaks. In the prefecturals Saki does something similar to Teru with the 'warm-up' thing (hands of ~1000), before winning big hands (i.e. yakuman).

What do you guys think?

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• 6/30/2014

Also Saki´s name is related to "blooming", and her Rinshan Kaihô (something llike: A flower blooming in a peak). And her sister name, Teru, is related to shining, wich could be related to the yakuman Chûren Pôtô or Nine Gates/Nine Lanterns (something like: Nine lanterns with lotus motifs) in english.

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