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• 4/26/2014

Does/what is Himematsu's Suehara's ability?

Throughout she mentions being an ordinary or normal player, but it seems that she does have an ability. Evidence:

- she thinks to herself "can I adjust in time" when seeing the abilities of the other players

- ability to keep thinking & changing to win (i.e. how the situation is similar to 3-player majhong with Kasumi's ability active)

- The glow in her eye during the ending of the last Zenkoku-hen episode

- their weird coach saying something about abilities

... based on all of this, I think her ability (if explicitly described/shown as one) may be similar to Tsuruga's Kajiki in terms of changing to win based off what other players do. Perhaps stronger and/or better.

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• 4/28/2014

I don't think Kyoko Suehara has an ability. She has a play-style, but I don't think it's an ability. When she thinks "can I adjust in time?" I think she's more referring to being able to win whilst under pressure from 3 monsters. Changing gears takes a little bit of time, and she might not have that with circus of monsters she's playing with.

Again, I wouldn't consider it an ability, but a play-style. Adjusting to how your opponents play and taking advantage of it is something that's done by many players, with or without abilities. Notably, I'm thinking of Kajiki against Saki, Ako against Sera and Takami, and Toki against Kuro.

It's just something that players do if they're aware of other players' quirks and habits. If it were known that I always, always, always went for a honitsu and chinitsu, then the players around me would try their hardest to avoid making discards beneficial for me. Kasumi also said "if Kiyosumi wants a direct hit, I should be careful when discarding honour tiles." Notwithstanding, Kasumi does have an ability, but playing defensively is a play-style not an ability.

I think their coach was talking about the pros she brought in to counter Kiyosumi. Suzu mentioned that she practised playing against Yuuki's play-style and was ready for it in the semi-finals, it's probable that each player from Himematsu was prepared to play against their respective Kiyosumi opponents.

I can say that in the quarterfinals, Kyoko didn't have an ability, but I can't say for sure in the semis.

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