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• 1/3/2016

Saki Anime, Manga, and other Saki Disscussion

Well this show is pretty Interesting. At time i think Saki is a little under powered. Although I still think that maybe she's hold back because of what happened in the past. I found this image that I am hoping will finally become true in the finals but that'll be to see. 

Saki the Mirror
I think it would be interesting to actually see Saki do this in the finals it would also prove to the viewers and people watching that she is related to Teru. I Didn't really char to much for Himematsu or Rinkai (I didn't really like Kyouko she seemed to be to plan and i thought it was lame Saki couldn't finish off that one amd I don't really like Nelly and would like to see her get her butt kicked) I really hope Saki Shows her true side in the finals and proves she is Teru's Sister once and for all. Also hoping for some more back story of Saki and Teru and what happened. Maybe something will happen which will remind Saki of the past and how she used to play and what happened that she'll end up changing in the middle of the match and start kicking butt. ALthough i'd like to see her use this ability of Teru's or maybe use an ability like Koromo's or even both would be even more interesting. Also so far the only training we know she did was the stupid computer training which i think is still lame, but there has to be more training she went through then just that which makes me think she was hold back for the finals or Hisa told her to hold back one or the other. I just think she should be holding back or is not fully herself yet. What i'd like to see happen in the finals is this.

1st: Kiyosumi

2nd: Shiraitodai

3rd: Rinka

4th: Achiga

One reason i think Achiga is going to be last is that Shizuno may have the Nullify ability, but it's not an ability that works all the time at least that's what I read somewhere. Rinka I think maybe 3rd as she is pretty strong, but it wouldn't surprise me even if she ended up 4th instead. I think Shiraitodai will maybe be second for a few reason one Teru using her the mirror ability will dominate most of the people in the first round and the rest of the team will probably protect the top spot until the captians match. As for why I put Kiyosumi in first is because I think Saki will finaly show the real her or her real play style and the possible chance she maybe even able to copy or use others ability might be possible would be interesting to see if that happens. Though i think she will finaly come to terms with her real abilities and find her true path.

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• 1/3/2016

I also think Saki is being held back thanks to trauma in the past which i'm sure we'll see this year. As for the training, I think Hisa will find a way to like she's been doing with the other girls.

• 1/3/2016

I don't think Hisa tatics will make a difference actually because if Teru uses her ability the mirror on Yuuki like she will if the preview in episode 25 showed then Hisa's tatics won't mean nothing as Teru will know what she's doing and how to counter her moves at least that's what I think. Although her advice dose help sometime it does not always help all the time. Also she does not know Teru is hold back yet and has another ability the mirror yet either. When she finds out it maybe to late for Hisa to change her mind. I mean just because of Hisa they almost didn't even make the national finals and only got through just barely.

If you ask me i think it'll be Saki that come up with something while watching Teru fight Yuuki in the end as Hisa maybe out of options or can't think of anything useful. Saki also could change because of what Teru does during her match either that, when she finds out Nodoka will have to leave if she loses, or when she and her sister run into each other and Teru just walks away like she's nothing (I seen that somewhere during the ending either the national or the regular one not sure). Then she might actually snap and bring out her real self like Koromo did at least lets hope. As of right now Saki seems a little under powered maybe from the stuff that happened. Don't get me wrong but if players that are not even monster mahjong players then they shouldn't even be able to keep up with her at least that what I think.

Anyways lets hope she has a few tricks hidden still and abilities that she hasn't used yet or is to afraid to use. Maybe Koromo will bring Saki back to her real self or something.

Even though Hisa is okay she isn't the best player she just thinks she is. I think if Saki went all out without hold back because of the stuff that happened in the past she could totally break the presidents spirits lol.

I was wondering if Saki ever got the MVP title or the Tropy after the Prefectures because we know there was a plague and Tropy but it was never really stated who it actually belonged to. I think that Saki should have gotten the MVP title at least or maybe a Tropy but who knows.

I wonder what Yasuko Fujita wanted with the combined training camp arc. She was there for something. Something tells me she was maybe interested in Saki as maybe a fall candidate or something as the story is suppose to be mainly about Saki. I do not think she was there for anyone except maybe one of the monsters at least that what I think, but who knows.

I think it would be cool to see Koromo and Saki on the same team if what I hope happens then Fujita will recuit those two in one team for either the Junior championship or fall cadidate team. Maybe it will be there team for the world Junior Turnament, but that's just what I'm hoping or something like that.

To tell you the truth if Saki wasn't holding back during the individual's she would have made 1st at least that's what I think.

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