Haru Takimi
Haru FN (1)
Personal info
Japanese name: 滝見 春
Birthday: April 18
Family: Yoshiko Kainou (cousin)
School: Eisui Girls' High School
Grade: First-year high school
Debut: Saki (manga), round 56
Voiced by: Kaori Mizushima
Position: Lieutenant
Style: cheap hands
Main skill/ability: -

Haru Takimi is a first year at Eisui Girls' High School. She is the younger cousin of professional player Yoshiko Kainou.


Haru has long dark green hair tied up and brownish-green eyes. She wears a miko outifit.


She, almost all of the time, is a stoic person and the only time she smiles is when talking about muscovado and the demon world. She is often seen eating muscovado (a nutritious brown sugar) snacks.

Playing Style / Abilities

Haru tries to win with cheap hands if her opponents hand is coming together


Combined Training Camp Arc

She is first seen after her team wins the prefecturals to get to the nationals. She is the only one who doesn't speak and is eating something.

National Tournament Arc

When Eisui is watching Kiyosumi's first round match she is shown eating again. As the others talk about Ryuumonbuchi, Haru mentions Koromo Amae and is puzzled when the others say things will be difficult for Kiyosumi. When Komaki Jindai scolds them for not respecting their opponents, she remains silent.

During Jindai's match in the second round she awakens. When the rest talk about how bad she's doing, Haru is uninterested but doesn't want it to get to zero before her match.

Haru is next shown during her lieutenant's match. Throughout the first half of her match, Haru say very little and only notes that her dealers hand was taken away from her. Before intermission she employs a simple hand that Kurumi Kakura plays into to stop the momentum that Hisa Takei was building. At intermission she stays in her seat along with Hisa and offers her some candy. When Hisa accepts and says that her candy is good, Haru smiles and says thats her pride and joy. Later she notes that the others have come back and they get ready to start the second half. The second half begins the way the first ended with Kurumi playing into Haru's hand to stop Hisa. She later tries this again but Hiroe Atago wins off of her and says that her strategy may work on Kiyosumi but she's on a different level. A few rounds later Haru states that she can't call to stop Hisa and when the game ends she thanks her opponents. She along with the others sit around a while before the vice captain match begins.

She later appears with Tomoe purifying Kasumi's body. During Tomoe's brief explaination of why Komaki didn't do much, Haru can be seen making short comments throughout. She then gets excited when Kasumi proposes that they all go to the beach.

Final Eight Arc

When she arrives at the beach, she notes that they are alone as usual and later informs Komaki that Akise and Jisso can't come until they finish their homework.

National Championship Arc

Haru is with Aislinn Wishart and Kurumi Kakura watching the 5th place match at the beach.