Mystery girl2
Personal info
Japanese name:
Debut: Saki, round 102
named in round 199
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara

Hikari is a young girl who is related to the Miyanaga family. She is a sickly girl who has to be moved around by a wheelchair.


A girl with blonde hair and purple eyes. She has a tuft sticking out from the side of her head, similar to Saki Miyanaga and Teru Miyanaga.


She loves fish and swimming. Her dream was to open an aquarium.


Final Eight Arc

She is first shown in a flashback-like sequence when Saki is about to enter the tournament hall to watch Teru play. The girl itself is shown on a pier with Saki, and in a photo with Saki, Teru and some adults. Other pictures in the sequence contain a hospital stretcher, an IV bag, a burning building, a burning wheelchair, and flowers. Later Saki dreams about the pier event with her. The girl is lying down and looking at fish, pointing them out to Saki. She's saying that they are fun to watch and yummy to eat. She then says that she loved to swim but, probably will never be able to again, so she'll watch the fish swim for her. She also tells Saki that she dreams of building an aquarium and that when its done, Saki and Teru should come and visit it. Her wheelchair is shown.

Saki - Chapter 102 - 14-15 en

The page where the girl first appeared

Conclusions and Speculation

Memories of the girl seem very traumatic to Saki. The girl appears has had at least two tragic incidents: first one leading to the loss of her swimming ability and the use of a wheelchair, then one with fire. Where the apparent hospitalization happened is not clear (it's a popular theory that the burning building is a hospital, but this is not confirmed). The final incident is very likely to be a major cause of the rift between Saki and Teru.

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