Himematsu HS
Himematsu High School
, located in South Osaka, is a national tournament rival of Kiyosumi High School in the Saki manga and its anime adaptation. Students from all over Japan are scouted to join this school.


Himematsu is considered to be within the top five strongest schools in the 71st Inter High. They finished fifth overall in the spring tournament and are one of the strongest schools in the Kansai region along with cross-town rival Senriyama Girls' High School in North Osaka. They used to be a fixture in the top 4 schools seeded into the Interhigh tournament's second round until the emergence of Eisui Girls' High School and Komaki Jindai in the 70th Inter High, taking their place in the finals and seeded spot in the tournament. In the next tournament, Kiyosumi takes their spot in the finals.



While Kazumi Zenno is away, Ikuno Akasaka is the acting coach of Himematsu's mahjong club. Hiroe Atago is its captain, although Kyouko Suehara takes a more direct leadership role.


Girls' team tournament


70th Inter High

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71st Inter High

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  • Despite being a previous top four fixture in Japan, Himematsu has failed to make it to the Interhigh Finals two years in a row.
  • Like Shiraitodai and Senriyama, Himematsu scouts for players all over Japan, despite this, all of their regulars in the 71st Interhigh are from Osaka.
  • Of the schools in the side-B semifinals, Himematsu is the only school that didn't field a first-year.
    • It shares this trait with side-A semifinalist, Shindouji.
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