Kanna Ishitobi
Kanna hs2
Personal info
Japanese name: 石飛 閑無
Birthday: August 11
Family: Mrs. Ishitobi (mother)
Height: 150 cm (4'11) – 165 cm (5'5)
Location: Shimane Prefecture
School: Yumachi Elementary

Yumachi Middle School
Asakumi Girls' High School

Grade: 1st year middle school (Shinohayu)
Debut: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ch 1

Kanna Ishitobi an alumna of Asakumi Girls' High School and a protagonist of the Shinohayu the Dawn of Age series.


Kanna has medium length blonde hair and green eyes. In middle school she wore the Yumachi Middle School uniform with a short skirt. In high school she wore the standard Asakumi Girls' uniform.

Kanna is a little taller than other girls of her age: she was 150 cm tall in her 6th year in elementary school and became 165 cm tall in high school.


She is a tsundere, a perfectionist, and loves to win. Before meeting Hayari Mizuhara, Kanna said that the person she hated most was herself. This was because nothing challenged her and left her feeling unfulfilled. She initially hated mahjong due to the luck-based nature of the game, but enjoyed the challenge; she was also harsh and disdainful to Shino because she loves mahjong. While she commanded the following of the other Yumachi girls (mostly because she had been a much more fun and upbeat person before her defeat from Hayari), she quickly found out that they didn't like her anymore because of her poor attitude. While she was unsure of what to do for a while (although she wanted to apologise), she manages to get over herself. While she didn't explicitly apologise to them, she showed a slight change in personality by asking the others to play with her despite her poor attitude.

Kanna later actually apologises to them, and becomes friendlier and more encouraging to her friends, praising them for winning instead of freaking out. It is implied the change has come about because Shino's love for mahjong had a positive impact on Kanna.

However, she still has some issues with her pride and self-esteem. Upon giving Yumachi a huge disadvantage in their debut in the City Tournament, allowing for Kyouka to clean up after Kanna's mess, she felt incredibly dejected. After a breather, she resolved herself to do better in the later matches, and she wins her following match; however, she still felt inadequate enough to run away from home, causing her mother, and Kyouka worry.

She previously felt like all of her friends were rivals, people to beat, and distanced herself from them. However, upon entering middle school, and actually becoming teammates, she realised that they were actually her friends and genuinely wanted to be with them.

Playing Style / Abilities

Kanna favors winning quickly by calling multiple times in a similar style to Ako Atarashi; however, unlike Ako, her hands typically scored much higher (without dora), and she uses a variety of different yaku. The year prior to, however, it was revealed that Kanna had yet to perfect playing mahjong, as she did not see that her hand also contained the ittsu yaku, lowering its value from 8,000 pts to 3,900 pts. Nevertheless, she still overtook the leader despite having less than a month of experience, making it to the finals.

She improved greatly over the next year, being able to succinctly calculate point differences and aim for specific hands to close the difference or overtake the top. She is able to go toe-to-toe with Hayari in the finals, with the two of them exchanging winning blows, but Kanna miscalculates how far Shino is willing to go for the win, as she expected Shino to go for a single-turn comeback, but Shino instead goes for a bunch of quick hands.


Defeat Arc

After school, we see Kanna coming home to an empty house. She then has her friends over and they play many games with Kanna defeating time after time. A flash forward reveals Kanna constantly winning at everything she does. When she defeats some boys at dodgeball, she immediately leaves and climbs a tree. Kanna wonders to herself why she has been feeling so unfulfilled as of late before hearing some students talk about a mahjong tournament coming up. Later that night, she fixes herself some dinner and looks up the rules for mahjong. One month later she enters the 10th annual children's tournament.

Kana lost
Kanna proceeds to win her first match against more experienced players. She then wins enough to make it to the finals and was stunned to learn that another fourth year student had made there. Before the match, she decides that the girl making it there was some sort of fluke. When Hayari defeats her soundly, Kanna is in disbelief. She then walks towards her friends after the match and when they try to cheer her up, she snaps at them and runs off crying. She is then shown at her house; crying into her pillow.

After crying for a little while, she ultimately resolves herself to defeating Hayari and recruits some of her friends, bluntly telling them that they are only her sparring partners. After losing to Kyouka Inamura, she flies into a rage and declares that Kyouka only won because mahjong is a game of chance. She calms down and considers going back, but overhears her friends talking about how she has become arrogant and obsessed with competition. She goes home, eats dinner alone and visits a website to look up how to apologize.

Kanna goes back the next day and tries to apologize, but no one is in the multi-purpose room. Kyouka approaches, saying that it seemed like everyone else was busy, to which Kanna replies that she'll just go home; Kyouka asks if she can come with, and after a brief delay, Kanna declines. Kanna's friends return to the multi-purpose room the day after to apologize for ditching her the day before. Kanna starts to apologize, but then asks her friends to play with her in spite of her not liking the game. She still feels unfulfilled until Shino comes in and says she likes mahjong, flabbergasting her.

Introduction Arc

She is first seen in the multipurpose room playing mahjong. After Shino Shiratsuki asks to play, Kanna refuses her and says that it bugs her that Shino likes mahjong. She then says that she plays mahjong for the challenge and to beat Hayari Mizuhara in the Matsue Children's Mahjong Tournament because she lost to her the last time. The next day, she notices Shino running in halls outside the multipurpose room and wonders if she has given up already. Later that night, Hayari was interviewed on tv and Kanna quickly turns it off. She then says that Hayari won't ever smile again when she is through with her.

Children's Tournament Arc

Upon arriving at the tournament hall, Kanna greets Shino and asks if she is there to cheer her on. When she says that she is there to play, Kanna says that she is the enemy and notices that Shino is sweating a lot. She was beginning to worry when Shino falls and is then caught by Hayari. Kanna then yells her name but is quickly surrounded by adoring fans. With this frustrating her, she grabs Shino and walks off. She then finds a secluded spot and says that she is going to kick her butt before returning to worrying about Shino. Shino then says that she wants to play Hayari and Kanna tells her that she has to beat her not play with her. Before getting assigned to their playing halls, Shino wishes Kanna good luck.

After Shino's victory, Kanna is the first to congratulate her. She then says that mahjong isn't the fun part and that it is winning that is fun. Shino then says that its fun regardless and Kana then says that she will make it no fun for her when they play. When she makes it to the finals, she is surprised to see Shino has made it as well.

Shka nationals
During the game, Kanna is irate that Hayari won the first hand of the game and goes on the attack. After two quick pons, she wins with a tsumo. She then looks at Shino and wonders why she's smiling even while losing. She then says she can't stand her and after Hayari wins again, says that she can't stand her either. Kanna then wins again and is in the lead until Hayari wins off of her. Later she holds the lead again and decides to taunt Shino who is in fourth. But after Shino tells her that she's having a lot of fun, Kanna smiles and is noticed by Hayari. She quickly tells her that they are just classmates and not friends. When the game ends, Kanna finishes second and says the game wasn't boring.

Back in school she is informed that one of the mahjong players, Rena Mototsune, can't come because she started swimming. Kyouka mentions Shino and Kanna blushes and said that she almost forgot about her. While meeting Shino, Kyouka asks if they had become friends but Kanna denies this. She then invites Shino to the multipurpose room and along the way, apologizes for the way she treated her. She then says that their goal is to take down Hayari and win the national tournament and that Shino was now a part of that. During one of their matches, she is won off of by Himari Kanazawa and Kanna tells her how good that hand was. On a hot day, Rena asks if they could go to her house that evening and Kanna says yes. However before they left, she apologizes to the other girls for how she had acted previously and says she'll get them all a drink. She then walks home with the other girls and thinks to herself that there isn't anything missing from her life.

Later while walking home from school, Shino says "lets go to the nationals" and Kanna then tells her that they are definitely going to go.

Idol Arc

When Kyouka asks why she isn't wearing a yukata to the festival, Kanna says that she is too old. However, she is then shown borrowing a yukata along with Shino. She is then seen enjoying the food at the festival until Rena points out a sign for Hayari's concert. When Kanna complains, Hayari pops out of nowhere and wonders if they came to see her. She then immediately berates Hayari until she is dragged away by her friends. In spite of that, she was shown to enjoy the concert and even bought some of Hayari's merchandise. After visiting Shino's house, she asks which was her father and says that being in a band is no big deal. When Rena then suggests that they go to the beach, Kanna says that she's been practicing her swimming and was excited when they arrived.

Yue's Arc

She and the others are walking on a road when they meet Yue Hondou. Yue then asks if they know Hayari and Kanna replies that they are enemies and that she'll go to the nationals after she defeats her this year. Kanna then tells Yue that she is her rival when she says that she will enter the tournament next year and promise to settle this next year. After the time skip, she is at the tournament hall and meets Yue again but doesn't remember her. She is also surprised that Kyouka will be entering the tournament as well. All three Yumachi students make it to the finals along with Hayari.

Kanna thinks to herself that she will beat Hayari this year because two years ago she was blown out, the year after she only lost by a few points, and now she'll win thanks to a growth curve. Also since the other two opponents are from her school and are her friends, she knows what their tendency's are. The match goes back and forth until Shino is the last dealer. Kanna then tells herself that she should win quick to prevent Shino's comeback hands or Hayari quickly winning. Shino instead wins quick, throwing Kanna off a bit. Shino then completes the comeback and wins the match. Afterwards she complements Shino and says she didn't know she could win like that.

Girls of Yumachi Arc

Days later, Kanna presents Shino with a newspaper clipping of her win but enlarged three times. She then says they should put it in the multi-purpose room along with a few articles she has printed from the web. On the way there she asks Shino if she'll participate in the nationals and that she should crush Uta Mihirogi. In the multi-purpose room she learns that Shino is staying with Kyouka for the night and says that she's going to stay there as well. After a night of fun, she awakens not knowing where she is. The next day at school she informs Shino that Harue Akado will be participating in the nationals as well.

Sleepy friends
During a round of games with the others, they notice that Kanna is fast asleep and decide to also take a nap. After a while she awakens not knowing what was going on. The next day, she informs Shino that the other girls can't stay after school and is playing an online mahjong game. She tells Shino not to peek or say anything while she plays. Kyouka show up and says she couldn't find anyone to play with and Shino suggest Hayari, much to the chagrin of Kanna. However much to the surprise of Kanna, she appeared and they began playing mahjong. After the match and seeing Hayari off, Kanna tells Shino that a few more prefectures have finished its matches and shows her the news.

Kyouka, Kanna, and Shino all head to Hayari's house to play. Kanna does poorly and blames hunger on her results. When the others leave to help Hayari with the cooking, Kanna feels lonely and is told to stay away by Kyouka. While eating dinner, she gets along with Mitsuki Mizuhara. A little while afterwards she picks Shino up while it was raining prompting her uncle to buy Shino a bike.

When pool season starts, she gets unsettled because she knows Rena is ecstatic about it and challenges Kanna to a race. Later at the multipurpose, the girls discuss Tanabata. After some time, summer holidays role around and the girls decide to head to the beach. While playing the meet Yue once again and go to her house to play some mahjong. The matches aren't shown but Rena says that with the final totals Aina Moriwaki wins.

Children's National Tournament Arc

When Shino and Kousuke arrive in Tokyo, Kana and Kyouka are there to greet them. Kana then says that they are there to support Shino and they are staying at Kyouka's grandparents house and wants Shino to stay there as well. Shino then departs with her friends and Kousuke goes to a work related meeting. Later the next day, Kana complains about it being hot and not seeing Shino's match yet.

End of Summer Arc

After returning home, Shino felt down so the girls decided to take her to the beach. Kanna tells her that she's glad they did this and it was Rena's idea, though she couldn't come because she was sick. Shino then tells them how she searched for her mother but found nothing. She says that since her mom watched her play an official match, she'll win as many official matches as possible.

Back at Yue's house, the girls play mahjong and Shino says how much she wants to play as a team in middle school. Kanna says that if they all became regulars that they'd win easy. Yue then tells them that she's going to Aina's middle school, Kanna tells her to come to their school even if she has to move. She again says this when they call Hayari to ask about her future school. The next day Shino, Kanna, and Kyouka are seen walking in yukata with Kanna saying that she didn't do her homework and that summer should be extended.

Later on at school, Kanna notes how popular Shino has become and says that she is vexed. She then tells Shino that she's tired of falling behind her and that she's going to support herself. All the girls then play a game of mahjong.

During the school trip she hangs out Rena, Himari, Shino, and Kyouka. At night in the bath it is revealed that she is the leader of her trip group but doesn't want to go to the meetings. After the bath, Rena asks her if they should do love talk, pillow fight, or visit the boys room. Kanna says that she has no interest in boys but wants to sneak out. However she quickly falls asleep and gets to do neither of those things. The next day they continue on their trip.

Entering Middle School Arc

Kanna and Shino go the day after valentines day and buy's a lot of chocolate at discount prices. After talking about Kanna buying too many, they begin to talk about graduation. During the last lunch at school, Shino eats slowly and says that once she finishes it'll feel if something is over for her. She then has her last bit stolen by Kanna. After the lunch she tells Kanna and Kyouka to go on ahead of her and tells them that she's going to thank the cooks for preparing all her meals in school. Kanna says that she'll go with her because she couldn't go home and not feel bad about it. All three decide to go together and thank the cooks in person.

After graduation, all the girls go to Shino's house to celebrate and discuss what they will do for spring break. We then time skip to the middle school entrance ceremonies. When it's over the girls greet Hayari and say how much they look forward to checking out the mahjong club presentation. Later the girls decide to check out the club and meet after classes. On they way to the club they are then excitedly yelled at by Shizuku Nozu to come inside. Shizuku then explains that she was at the children's tournament two years ago and how she was a student at Yumachi as well. Ayuko Yamamoto and Mirin Katsube finally show up and the girls begin to play a few rounds of mahjong. Kanna is paired with Kyouka, Mirin, and Rio Takuwa. At the end of the matches Kanna placed first.

Suddenly the advisor Chisa Sakane appears and greets them. Shino asks her to play but Chisa says it's a waste of time and to not expect anything from her because she doesn't want to be their advisor. She then shoos them out of the club room.

City Tournament Arc

Kanna is seen cooking at school with Rio and Kyouka. She then realizes that if they eat popcorn their hands will get messy and won't be able to play mahjong. With the city tournament coming up, the girls play mahjong to determine who will play and who will be a reserve player. Kanna is able to make the starting vanguard position.

KanHa city tourn
At the tournament hall, Shino and Kanna notice that Yue's school will also participate and then Kanna leaves for the match. The match isn't shown except the ending where Yue is able to bust Kanna which causes her to fall to the floor. When she asks what is wrong with her, Kanna says that she just felt dizzy.

As she slowly walks back she meets Hayari. She tells her that she is counting on her because it's too late to recover her own losses. At the back of the room she views Hayari winning before going to the others and apologizing. She then recalls that Yue had said she was training intensely with the middle school team to prepare for their next meeting.

Shizuku gets upset that Kanna shows more faith in Aina than her when she tries to reassure everyone that Shino is strong. Later Kanna explains to Shizuku that the reason Aina dodged and didn't deal in to Shino's hand is probably because she read the situation and found it to be similar to Kyouka's playstyle.

After Kyouka comes back from leading the team to victory, Kanna asks her if she has been holding back this whole time but she says no. Kanna sullenly says that she can't keep being a kid anymore and that she drags everyone down. She then goes outside for some fresh air and a drink. Outside she begins to feel angry and says that she needs to play with more spirit and grow up. Kanna then turns around and gets ready for the next match. Yumachi then wins the tourney and Manbara's Yue and Aina comes to chat with them. Kanna tells Yue that she was too relaxed and that she has much work to do.

That night, Kanna's mom calls and says that Kanna is missing and that she did not bring her phone. Kyouka immediately goes to find her on a hill Kyouka reminisces about the first thing she remembers doing with Kanna. Kyouka, Kanna, and Rena were playing near the hill and find a boat. Kanna and Rena then jump in and try to convince Kyouka to join them and she reluctantly agrees. In the middle of the lake, the boat starts to take on water. During the panic, Kanna comes up with a plan to get them back to the shore. Kyouka and Kanna both jump into the lake and push the boat while Rena rows. When they make it to the shore, Kyouka realizes that she had lost her necklace that her grandmother got her. That night she caught a cold and couldn't go to school. She then awakens to find her necklace had been brought back to her by Kanna.

The flashback ends with Kyouka saying it's been five years since then and Kanna hasn't changed that much at all. She then worries about her preparedness for the individuals. Kanna tells her not to worry and that she will not be making a blunder like she did before.

Kanna returns home, and is shocked when her mother asks if she wants something to eat. The next day, she arrives at school the earliest, and begins practicing with the tiles, even if it's just moving them around. When Hayari arrives (having caught the early bus), they both play two hands each, and practise with each other. Kanna opens up and tells Hayari that she used to hate Hayari, thinking she was fake; but now, she regards her as a friend. Hayari also opens up, telling Kanna how she was thinking of cutting down on idol activities in order to prepare for the prefectural tournament, and that her overall goal is to make it really far in the interhigh; Kanna is concerned over this choice, as Hayari has many fans, and Kanna is scared that Hayari might disappoint them by cutting down. Hayari says that she's only cutting down, and that she'll still do idol things, just not as much.

Kyouka and Rena arrive, and all four of them play; then, Shino arrives, and says if she knew how early everyone was, she too would've come earlier, she then goes to make the tea. When pouring the tea, all the seniors arrive and praise the first years for their spirit.

After school, when club activities start, Kanna reprimands Shino and Hayari for being sleepy, and Kyouka teases Kanna for dozing off in class when Hayari comments on how energetic Kanna is. Shizuku says she was thinking of extending the club time in order to prepare for the prefectural tournament, and they all agree to do so.

Kanna arrives early enough to begin playing a four player game before Shino was able to make it in the morning. That afternoon the practice was cut short due to Chisa. She complains about the advisor and it starts raining. Kanna mentions to Rena that she's use to getting wet so rain shouldn't hurt her. That night, the girls then call each other up and decide to confront Chisa directly in the morning. They go to the staff room but Nakamura tells them that she is on vacation and he whines when they ask for his help.

Individual Tournament Arc

Kanna complains that Nakamura did not help but that he just gave his key instead. On the weekend, the individual tournament starts. Kanna does well enough to get into the top eight and advance.

At her house, she thinks back to her tournament defeat at the hands of Yue. The next day Kanna and the girls give a report to Chisa. Chisa then shoos them away and Kanna calls her a lazy advisor. Kanna and the girls follow Chisa to a bar before giving up. Later on, Chisa then gives her reasons to the club as to why she wants them to rest more often. Kanna then asks her to keep the room open on break days as well.

Shimane Tournament Arc

As they arrive in the tournament hall, Kanna says that she is getting nervous just from looking at the other schools and attributes that to maybe playing in a vastly different venue. In their private room, Chisa announces the lineup with Kanna being the sergeant. Though not shown Kanna wins her match. After Kyouka gets defeated, Kanna tells her to use that pain to climb the mountain of defeat. When Shino gets back and tells of her encounter with a reporter, Kanna says that the reporter was rude and only her would think that some other girl was more interesting than Shino. When it looks like Shino is going to be defeated, Kanna reminds everyone that they still don't know the outcome just yet and not to count her out.

She later arrives at the clubroom and finds Shino there with a goofy face. she makes fun of her before sitting down and playing a game.

Shimane Individual Tournament Arc

Kanna meets up with Shino and Hayari before the matches to pep each other up. After her first match she again meets Shino and Hayari to report she won. Kanna wins again and thanks her opponents for the game. In the hallway she meets Yue and brags about her wins. Yue tells her that she has the same record and Kanna is taken aback but tells her that it's great and they may have to play each other. They both then look at Shino's match and stunned on how it's going. She is then very excited to watch Shino's comeback win.

Kanna makes it to the finals to play Yue, Shino, and Yui Kajino. Before she could get going the match is ended by Shino.

Mixed Training Camp Arc

Back home, Kanna is extremely frustrated with the results of the tournament and acts out for a while. She later calms down and starts researching. The next day she asks Kyouka about the prize banner and she notices Kanna didn't sleep much the previous night. Kanna said she looked at score sheets and watched the previous matches to compare to what she would've done. They get to the club room and begin practice matches. Kanna emerged victories and when Shino tries to compliment her, the girl gets angry. Shino tries to relate her problems of balancing winning vs fun to Kanna's irritation of winning in practice matches but not games. It didn't work. Kanna however, cheers her up by saying the Shino she knows has fun regardless of how much she wants to win. The seniors then come in to announce they've been invited to a joint training camp.

After settling into the camp, they begin play. Although Kanna won the most games, she couldn't beat Komosawa's core players. She then complains that Shino couldn't win and that she might be taking it easy on them. Later Shino expresses her worry to Kanna about her losing in practice.


Kyouka Inamura

Kanna and Kyouka have a long history together and are best friends. Kyouka is honest with Kanna and talks the most with Kanna, teasing her a lot; in turn, Kanna opens up to Kyouka. When everyone else wanted to stop hanging out with Kanna because of her awful attitude, Kyouka attempted to stay by Kanna's side, but Kanna dismissed her, thinking that's what Kyouka would want. When they were kids, Kanna's recklessness lost Kyouka's necklace, which was a gift from her grandmother, and got her sick; feeling bad about it, Kanna went to visit Kyouka to apologise for getting her into such a mess, and later found the necklace for Kyouka.

Shino Shiratsuki

Kanna first met Shino two days before the 11th Matsue Annual Children's Tournament when Shino bursts into the multipurpose room and sees them playing mahjong, and then asks to join. Kanna immediately disliked Shino because Shino likes to play mahjong and shoos her away, saying that with the tournament in two days, they can't afford to babysit a newcomer, and also doesn't want to leave out any of her friends. When Shino showed up at the tournament, Kanna lends her a hand because Shino looks like she ran to the place, and Hayari comments that the two of them must be good friends, leading Kanna to vehemently deny this. Later, after Shino almost wins in the finals, Kanna recognises Shino's skill, and asks her to come to the multipurpose room to play, but only to help her take down Hayari. Through Shino's love of mahjong, they become better and better friends, and this even allows Kanna to befriend Hayari. Kanna compares herself to Shino a lot, as they have a similar skill-level in mahjong, but Shino has gone to the Elementary School National Tournament finals.

Hayari Mizuhara

Kanna intensely hated Hayari for beating her in their 4th year at the elementary prefectural tournament finals, thinking Hayari was faking being nice and cute, and hated that she lost to Hayari in mahjong. She was hostile and held a one-sided rivalry between the two of them, flaring up just at the mention of Hayari or anything associated with her. In their 6th year, when looking for a fourth player, Shino suggests that they invite Hayari to play with Kanna, Kyouka, and Shino, and they do. Kanna is much quieter with Hayari around, but accepts that she is strong and in order to get stronger, playing against her is necessary. However, it's not until their first year of middle school where Kanna and Hayari's relationship begins turning for the better. Having teammates causes Kanna's view to shift, and this applies to Hayari as well, having needed Hayari to help clean up her mess, she regrets putting Hayari (and the team) in that position, and apologises directly to Hayari, even telling her how much she hated her when they were in elementary school. Hayari seems to have taken this in strides, accepts Kanna's apology, opening up to Kanna in return, stating that she might tone down on the idol activities in order to focus on mahjong (this causes Kanna concern for Hayari's fans) and they both resolve to be better.

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