Feels like Maho can pull a rinshan.

—Maho Yumeno

Maho Yumeno
Maho man2
Personal info
Japanese name: 夢乃 マホ
Birthday: December 20
School: Takatoobara Middle School
Grade: Second-year middle school
Debut: Saki, round 28
Voiced by: Ai Tokunaga (first series), Kotori Koiwai (Zenkoku-hen, episode 3)
Main skill/ability: Mimic
Maho Yumeno is a second year at Takatoobara Middle School. She is best friends with Hiroko Murohashi and junior to Nodoka Haramura and Yuuki Kataoka. Nodoka is her idol and because of this she has also started playing internet mahjong under the name "Super Mahocchi" but is really weak.


Maho has short purple hair with a red ribbon tied on the left side and dark eyes. In most of her appearances she wears the standard Takatoobara Middle School uniform.


Maho has been shown to be a ditzy girl and usually talks in the third person. She greatly admires Nodoka Haramura and will come to her defense if someone talks bad about her or she will get extremely sad if scolded by her.

Playing Style / Abilities

Maho's ability is to mimic other mahjong player's playing styles, however, she can only mimic a specific ability once a day, and she otherwise makes a lot of amateur mistakes and a major error at least once per game.

Scan 015

Maho's mimic extends to all aspects of a person's play, as seen here with Saki's dramatic Rinshan draw habits.


Prefectural Tournament Arc

In the anime, Maho and Hiroko try to travel to the playing hall but have difficulty getting there. They manage to get there in time to watch Nodoka's match. Afterward they go visit Nodoka and Yuuki. When Yuuki then asks her why didn't she watch her match, Maho tells her that she slept in causing Yuuki to get mad and chase her. She is later seen with Hiroko commenting on the captains match. However in the manga, Maho watches the matches on television with her parents.

Training Camp Arc

Maho and Hiroko are invited to the training camp by Hisa Takei. Hisa studied her play records from the intermiddle tournament, and figures that her copying abilities would put fear into Saki and help Mako Someya to learn how to deal with an eternal beginner. Together they have a match with Nodoka and Saki Miyanaga. Maho opens up by copying Yuuki's "Taco Power", winning a haneman while first dealer. She then proceeds to copy Nodoka, playing at extreme speed and defending. Hisa suspects that this is the end of her copying, but is surprised when Maho wins after choosing a bad wait, copying Hisa's ability. Maho then shocks Saki by copying her ability and winning with a Rinshan Kaihou. After this Maho's play becomes weak and she ends up losing the game and the next two as well. Afterwards Nodoka reprimands her for not trying to get better, but Hiroko reveals that she has been studying lots of professionals and is going home late because she is training in the club room.

National Tournament Arc

She is shown with Hiroko watching the news after the second round matches are complete.

Final Eight Arc

Maho is with Hiroko viewing the semi-finals.

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