Mai Tanaka
Mai 2
Personal info
Japanese name: 田中 舞
Birthday: April 4
School: Imamiya Girls' High School
Grade: Third-year highschool
Debut: Saki, round 8
Voiced by: Yuka Saitou
Position: Vice-Captain

Mai Tanaka is a third-year student of the Imamiya Girls' High School mahjong team.


Mai has short black hair and dark eyes with glasses. She wears the standard Imamiya Girls' uniform.


Mai is brash and confident. After he defeat she wished to get revenge on Nodoka and takes her penguin. However the girl instantly regretted it and tried to give it back to her. She has since become a huge Nodoka fan.


Prefectural Tournament Arc

Mai first appears with Youko and talks about how bad their first round opponents are and how easy their win will be. They then start to talk bad about Nodoka Haramura. During her match, Mai was close to a Daisangen win before Nodoka quickly wins Tanyao. Despite doing well in the match, she was soundly beaten by Nodoka.

After a late night of karaoke, she along with Youko Kadomatsu. sneak back into the tournament hall to sleep. They then find Nodoka and Etopen there and then takes away Nodoka's stuffed penguin as a prank. They however lose the penguin a little later for fear of being caught by Yasuko Fujita. The two soon regret the prank and try to take it from Koromo Amae to return to Nodoka. During their struggle they rip the stuffed animal. Later, both apologize to Nodoka and are seen in the audience rooting for her.

Individual Tournament Arc *Anime Only*

Mai mangaged to get into the top 30 on the first day.