Miyamori school

Miyamori Girls' High School

Miyamori Girls' High School
, located in Iwate Prefecture, is a national tournament rival of Kiyosumi High School in the Saki manga and its anime adaptation.


Originally having only the three children friends Shiromi Kosegawa, Kurumi Kakura, and Sae Usuzawa as members, the mahjong club grew when Toshi decided to bring Toyone Anetai into the club and Aislinn Wishart decided to join after watching the team play. Miyamori is one of the few schools who proceed to the second round of the 71st Inter High, knocking off high ranking Makabi High.


Team Miyamori
Miyamori is coached by Toshi Kumakura.


Girls' team tournament


71st Inter High

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  • Miyamori is the second school to have a regular team of students completely in the same year, the first being Ryuumonbuchi.
    • However, Miyamori is the only school that has had a team of only 3rd years so far.
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