Nagano venue

Venue of the Nagano Prefecture qualification tournament

The Nagano Prefecture qualification for the 71st Inter High School Mahjong Championships features 58 schools. Aside from its top two schools in the prefecture—Ryuumonbuchi High School and Kazekoshi Girls' High School—the remaining 56 schools go through a first round of elimination matches. Its commentators are professional mahjong player Yasuko Fujita and an Kenta Mishina.


Nagano Prefecture is home to perennial mahjong powerhouse Kazekoshi Girls' High School. Over the past year, however, its position at the top of the prefectural rankings has been overtaken by Ryuumonbuchi High School, which defeated Kazekoshi in the previous year's qualification tournament. These two schools are immediately followed by Susobana High School, ranked third in the prefecture after the autumn tournament.

Team tournament

Tournament draw

Semi-final A

Group A
  • Midorigaoka Agriculture School
  • Tatsumi High School
  • Minakata High School
  • Mamejima High School
Group B
  • Kyouka High School
  • West Shinonoi High School
  • Oushouji High School
  • Miwa High School
Group C
  • Sorimachi High School
  • Okubohara High School
  • South Maemiya High School
  • Nishibara High School

Semi-final D

Group D
Group E
Group F
  • Nagarou High School
  • Central Yadaka High School
  • Haba High School
  • East Shinonoi High School
Group G

Semi-final H

Group H
  • Kotobukidai High School
  • Sawamura High School
  • Hanamaki High School
  • Yumifuri High School
Group I
  • Inariyama High School
  • Minamigaoka High School
  • Daishiro High School
  • Shiroyama Trade School
Group J
  • Okaya First High School
  • Motozenkouji High School
  • Daiouji High School
  • Shinmei High School

Semi-final K

Group K
Group L
Group M
  • Kyoukadai High School
  • Metoba High School
  • Harunahira High School
  • Wakasato High School
Group N


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Individual tournament

Day 1

On the first day of the individual tournament, each player plays a total of twenty east wind games. Players are separated into two sections (north and south for the females), and each section plays separately. Players are re-assigned competition rooms after every game. For the women, the top scorers advance to the second day while some of the men are eliminated before lunch.

Rank Player School Year Diff Section
1 Yuuki Kataoka Kiyosumi 1 +436,000 South
2 Mihoko Fukuji Kazekoshi 3 +298,000 South
3 Yumi Kajiki Tsuruga 3 +289,000 North
4 Hajime Kunihiro Ryuumonbuchi 2 +282,000 North
5 Nodoka Haramura Kiyosumi 1 +277,000 South
6 Tomoki Sawamura Ryuumonbuchi 2 +272,000 North
7 Hisa Takei Kiyosumi 3 +269,000 South
8 Jun Inoue Ryuumonbuchi 2 +260,000 North
9 Momoko Touyoko Tsuruga 1 +253,000 North
10 Kana Ikeda Kazekoshi 2 +250,000 South
11 Miharu Yoshitome Kazekoshi 2 +245,000 South
12 Shio Katagiri Tenryuu 3 +241,000 South
13 志波令 Susobana 2 +237,000 North
14 Shiori Nakayama 西原山林高校 3 +232,000 North
15 Mako Someya Kiyosumi 2 +229,000 South
16 Sumiyo Fukabori Kazekoshi 2 +224,000 South
17 Azumi Kirihara Tenryuu 3 +216,000 South
18 雨宮須摩子 Susobana 2 +211,000 North
19 西沢心 Kaichi 3 +208,000 South
20 Satomi Kanbara Tsuruga 3 +203,000 North
21 市川望 Jouyama 3 +200,000 North
22 Seika Bundou Kazekoshi 1 +199,000 South
23 琴瀬川成美 杏花台高校 3 +195,000 North
24 Saki Miyanaga Kiyosumi 1 +193,000 South
25 Sakurako Ootaki (TV)

Hitomi Munesue (DVD)

East Chikuma 3 +190,000 North
26 Mai Tanaka Imamiya 3 +188,000 South
27 Natsumi Yumino Kazekoshi 3 +187,000 South
28 Eiga Shimotsuki Hokutenjin 2 +185,000 North
29 Kazue Nanpo Hirataki 1 +183,000 North
30 Yuki Oshimizu Takasegawa 2 +179,000 North

Day 2

On the second day of the individual tournament, each player plays a total a total of ten hanchan (east–south wind) games. Players from both sections of the first day are combined into one group and the scores are reset to zero at the start of the day. Players are re-assigned competition rooms after every game. The players with the top three scores at the end of the day earn the right to enter the national tournament.

Rank Player School Year Diff
1 Mihoko Fukuji Kazekoshi 3 +236,000
2 Nodoka Haramura Kiyosumi 1 +210,000
3 Saki Miyanaga Kiyosumi 1 +162,000
4 Hisa Takei Kiyosumi 3 +161,000
5 Kazue Nanpo Hirataki 1 +156,000

Nagano mahjong tournament
Team match
Ryuumonbuchi High School · Kazekoshi Girls' High School · Kiyosumi High School · Tsuruga Academy
Toufukuji High School · East Chikuma High School · Imamiya Girls' High School · Susobana High School · Shinonoi · Shiroyama

Single match (only)
Kazue Nanpo

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