The Professional Mahjong Cards accompany the Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A (anime) DVDs as extras. Not to be confused with Mahjong Star Cards that are produced within the series itself. The cards provide extra information that is not mentioned or made available within Saki.

Professional Cards

Fujita Yasuko (Reversal Queen)

Saku Ferreters

Age 25 Height 170 cm Weight 57 kg

Birthday is June 25, from Nagano Prefecture

Played for: Yumifuri - Okayama - Toyama - Saku

Became Pro after success in Intercollegiate and Business Leagues. Oftentimes sortied as a Captain when her team is losing.

Mihirogi Uta (Cat Chamber)

Yokohama Lodestars

Age 24 Height 145 cm Weight 37 kg

Birthday is February 23, from Kanagawa Prefecture

Played for: Myoukouji - Yokohama

The RBI King that led the team to first place with overwhelming firepower and gamebreaking Golden Hands. Currently the Vanguard of the All-Japan Team

Kokaji Sukoya (Grandmaster)

Tsukuba Pleasing Chickens

Age 27 Height 153 cm Weight 42 kg

Birthday is November 7, from Ibaraki Prefecture

Played for: Tsuchiura Girls' - Ebisu - Tsukuba.

Undefeated in the country. Winner of seven titles. Formally ranked second in the world. Was League MVP every year when she played for Ebisu.

Kainou Yoshiko (The Spook)

Matsuyama Flotilla

Age 20 Height 161 cm Weight 53 kg

Birthday is April 10, from Nagano Prefecture

Played for: Oojouin Girls - Matsuyama

Known for winning last year's "Rookie of the Year" and "Silver Shooter" Titles. Hopes to show her phantasmagoric play.

Mizuhara Hayari (Whirlwind)

Heartbeats Oomiya

Age 28 Height 151 cm Weight 49 kg

Birthday is July 13, from Shimane Prefecture

Played for: Asakumi Girls - Shinsen - Oomiya

On top of having the impression of a veteran, she's an active idol. Her strong point is her speed at winning hands. She's proud of her incredibly stable prescence no matter what the defenses.

Oonuma Shuuichirou (The Gunpowder)

Nobeoka Spangles

Age 72 Height 174 cm Weight 68 kg

Birthday is September 21, from Kumamoto Prefecture

Played for: Managura - Tokyo - Toyama - Nobeoka

A former star player and author of many books. He has held the highest rating since 1868 for 5 consecutive years. Currently enrolled in a senior league team. 

Noyori Risa (Crepuscule)

Eminencia Kobe

Age 27 Height 153 cm Weight 47 kg

Birthday is July 29, from Oita Prefecture

Played for: Shindouji Girls - Nanakuma - Kobe

She's proud of being, for 3 consecutive years, the best defensive player. She was last year All Star's MVP. Her face and her discards are hard to read.

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