Rinkai Girls' High School, located in East Tokyo, is a national tournament rival of Kiyosumi High School in the Saki manga and its anime adaptation.


Rinkai has been East Tokyo's representative for the past 15 years. Its enrollment is primarily composed of overseas students studying in Japan on scholarship. As of the 71st Inter High School Mahjong Championships, the team is almost entirely comprised of overseas students.


Nationals team

Members of Rinkai's girls' team

Up until the previous year, Rinkai did not have a Japanese student in its national tournament team. A change in tournament rules prompted it to include a Japanese student as its vanguard, or so the media believes. In truth, Satoha Tsujigaito was scouted as Rinkai's ace before the change in rules. The club is being coached by Alexandra Windheim.


Girls' team tournament


70th Inter High

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East Tokyo qualification

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71st Inter High

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  • Because the individual tournament only allows Japanese participants, Rinkai can be presumed to be largely unrepresented at the individual level, with the exception of Satoha.
  • Unlike schools like Shiraitodai, Himematsu, and Senriyama who scout for players across the nation, Rinkai instead scouts for players across the world.
    • Rinkai's team is the only team to feature more overseas students than Japanese students, with 4 overseas students and one Japanese student.
      • In previous years, their team was entirely comprised of overseas students, meaning that it was possible for a non-Japanese team to win the Japanese Interhigh.
  • Rinkai is the second school shown to achieve an entirely positive score on the National stage, after Senriyama.
  • Rinkai currently has the prestige of holding the highest average point gained per player; during the Side-B Semifinals, Rinkai's team averaged 17,040 points gained per player.
    • However, only one player on their team scored more points than their average, with Satoha, their ace, scoring the majority of their points with a score of 51,000 points gained over two hanchan. All of the other players scored less than 17,000 points over two hanchan.
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