Ritz Kobayashi
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Personal info
Japanese name: 小林 立
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Ritz Kobayashi (小林 立 Kobayashi Ritsu) is a Japanese mangaka and the author of the Saki series.


Ritz was born in Komaba, Meguro, Tokyo and raised in Ettyuuzima, Koto, Tokyo. She currently lives alone in her grandparents house in Kichijoji. She claims this house to be haunted. As a student she did a number of illustrations for advertising agencies, music magazines, video games, novels, and other magazines. Graduated in 2005.



  • Seal Online: Stereo Girls (serialized in issue no.7 of YNK Japan 2005)
  • Kapi (カピ) (serialized in issue no.21 of Young Gangan 2005)

She has been involved with various doujin circles inculding YOUKI M.K.C. and JACKALS


  • Fatalizer (2004, Serialized In Comic Blade (Mag Garden), collected one volume)
  • Saki ( 2006-ongoing, Serialized In Young Gangan (Square Enix). collected 19 volumes)
  • Saki: Achiga-hen episode of side A ( 2011-2013, Serialized In Shounen' Gangan (Square Enix). collected six volumes, author only)
  • Side Story of Saki: Shinohayu the Dawn of Age ( 2013-ongoing, Serialized in Big Gangan (Square Enix). collected eleven volumes, author only)

18+ Games

  • Tears in the Eyes (アイサの涙) (released on March 26, 1999 by PinPai, art only)
  • Rocket Summer (ロケットの夏) (released on October 11, 2002 by TerraLunar, art only)


  • Winged Knights ( December 1999-May 2000, art only)
  • Crimson Rose Series (紅いバラシリーズ) ( June 2007, art only)


  • Saki: Official Fan Book
  • Saki: Achiga-hen Official Fan Book
  • Saki: Love-jong
  • Saki: The Nationals BD Booklet

Ritz has also worked very closely with the animation staff of the Saki animes.


Dreamscape(Ritz's offical website)

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