The Ritz Series are a group of oneshots and a short manga series of four chapters done by mangaka Hideki Ohwada. It focuses around Saki mangaka Ritz Kobayashi. A single manga volume was published on March 25, 2016.


The stories revolve around Ritz's attempt to find her father by writing a mahjong manga and the trials that she faces while doing so.


Takeshobo Magazine Building

This is were Tsujino and his underlings reside. This place is most likely a front for their real buisness.

Yoshino, Nara

Place where Achiga was based upon. Ritz looks here for clues to her missing father.

Mt. Hyono

A mountain in the Hyogo prefecture where Aguri Igarashi and her pet raccoon Leonardo reside.


Volume Cover


Ritz - Ritz: Episode of side A - Ritsuhayu: the dawn of age - Ritz: The Nationals - Ritz (miniseries)

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