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Saki is an 25 episode anime adaption of the Saki manga. The series started airing on TV Tokyo on April 06, 2009. Crunchyroll streamed the series with English subtitles when it started airing and has kept it available ever since. The anime faithfully adapts the manga while adding some material, including an individual tournament arc.

Genres: drama, action/sport, comedy, romance
Themes: mahjong, school life, tournament, bishoujo, fanservice, yuri, supernatural, moe, camp (style), slice of life
Demographics: seinen

Plot preview

Saki Miyanaga is a high school freshman who doesn't like mahjong. When she was younger, her mahjong-obsessed family -- usually her older sister, would get upset if Saki won. However, if she lost, she would lose her New Year's gift money. Despite being emotionally scarred, she is curious enough to follow her friend to the school's mahjong club. There, she rediscovers her love of mahjong but at the same time she reawakens an inner demon. And that's not all she loves, nor does she only have one demon. Together with her Kiyosumi clubmates, she takes aim at the national mahjong tournament to pursue both her loves and her demons.


The plot focuses on both character development and on mahjong, with a lot of overlap in the two. Some characters are well developed, with detailed character designs and personalities. Most of the characters have good values and beliefs, but their inner selves are usually shown through their mahjong playing styles and abilities. The history of the main protagonist and main supporting character is visited, but not delved into too deeply. The history of the main antagonist is also visited. Not surpisingly, the mahjong abilities of these three characters is the most developed. The values and beliefs of some the mahjong club presidents is also visited. Large cast of characters, not too deep ... has characters from multiple school clubs, portrays announcer and reporter characters. It has magazine and newspaper articles about players and matches. Mahjong is a table game that uses tiles instead of cards. It is similar to gin rummy in that players try to form meld. Rummy can trace it's roots back to mahjong. The mahjong played is mostly mid-level? but it's serious mahjong that includes some characters with supernatural powers. Skilled players perform well but are often overwhelmed by players with supernatural powers. In the later rounds of tournaments, matches are decided by how skillfully players with supernatural powers interact with both players with supernatural powers and skilled players. Very entertaining, with over the top mahjong action and fun loving girls ... Excellent writing, fairly consistent, very consistent considering the large cast of characters and large number tiles, but manifold details of mahjong maybe irrelevant to real life. Production values were good, but are getting a bit outdated compared to newer anime that blend more digital animation ... Each main character has an associated sound theme ...


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The insert music was provided by Takeshi Watanabe.

Opening themes

Ending themes

Production staff

The series was adapted by Gonzo and they produced episodes 1 through 14, while Picture Magic produced episodes 15 through 25. The screenplay was written by Tatsuhiko Urahata and directed by Manabu Ono ...

Japanese voice actresses

Kiyosumi High School
Ami Koshimizu as Nodoka Haramura
Jun Fukuyama as Kyoutarou Suga
Kana Ueda as Saki Miyanaga
Rie Kugimiya as Yuuki Kataoka
Ryoko Shiraishi as Mako Someya
Shizuka Itou as Hisa Takei
Ryuumonbuchi High School
Kaori Fukuhara as Koromo Amae
Minori Chihara as Touka Ryuumonbuchi
Ai Shimizu as Hajime Kunihiro
Ayuru Ōhashi as Tomoki Sawamura
Daisuke Ono as Hagiyoshi
Yuko Kaida as Jun Inoue
Kazekoshi Girls' High School
Ai Matayoshi as Seika Bundou
Chiro Kanzaki as Miharu Yoshitome
Mitsuki Saiga as Sumire Hirose, Sumiyo Fukabori
Miho Yamada as Takako Kubo
Rika Morinaga as Kana Ikeda
Yui Horie as Mihoko Fukuji
Tsuraga Academy
Momoko Saito as Momoko Touyoko
Natsuko Kuwatani as Satomi Kanbara
Ryoko Shintani as Kaori Senou
Shin Nanasawa as Mutsuki Tsuyama
Yu Kobayashi as Yumi Kajiki


Ai Tokunaga as Maho Yumeno
Masumi Asano as Yasuko Fujita
Yuko Sanpei as Kazue Nanpo
Mai Toudou as Kazuko Nagamori,Hiroko Murohashi
Mai Nakahara as Teru Miyanaga
Hideki Nakanishi as Student (ep 7)
Hideki Tasaka as Announcer (ep 20)
Houchu Ohtsuka as Nanpo's Grandfather
Jouji Nakata as Nodoka's Father, Narrator
Kazuki Shimizu as Male player (ep 21)
Keisuke Koumoto as Famires waiter (ep 20)
Kokoro Tanaka as Male player (ep 21)
Kotomi Yamakawa as Megumi Kamigaki
Mami Kosuge as Announcer, Junko Nishida
Mana Hirata as Female student (ep 1)
Masato Funaki as Customer (ep 4)
Masaya Onosaka as Saki's Father
Miki Inase as Female student (ep 1), PC voice
Minoru Shiraishi as Announcer, Vice-president
Shiori Mikami as Yōko Kadomatsu
Shōhei Nakajima as Man (ep 6)
Shūhei Takubo as Guard (ep 10)
Takashi Nagasako as Ramen shopkeeper (ep 8)
Takayuki Sakazume as Customer (ep 4)
Takuma Terashima as Book committee member (ep 1)
Tomoyuki Higuchi as Teacher (ep 4)
Tsuyoshi Koyama as Daisuke Yamaguchi
Yoriko Nagata as Ayumu Sugino, Female interviewer (ep 21)
Yuka Saitou as Mai Tanaka
Yukito Souma as Student (ep 7)
Yūko Seiwa as Yuri Tsuchiya

English staff

The translation and English subtitles timing for Crunchyroll was done by Sam Pinansky.

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  • The "Bloooomin'" OP encorporates most of the manga volume covers up till that point in the series.
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