Satoru Nanpo
Pro Nanpo
Personal info
Japanese name: 南浦 聡
Birthday: June 8
Family: Kazue Nanpo (Granddaughter)
Debut: Saki, episode 6 (unnamed)

Saki, episode 22 (named)

Voiced by: Houchuu Ootsuka
Favorable condition: South prevailing wind round

Satoru Nanpo is a professional mahjong player and grandfather to Kazue Nanpo. He is also her caretaker. In the manga, he is seen with Kazue in the background of the arena, watching the team tournament matches.


Satoru is an older gentlemen with balding black hair and a small beard.


Playing Style / Abilities

Satoru is skilled enough to be a professional mahjong player. He is also strong in the south wind rounds.


Individual Tournament Arc *Anime Only Arc*

Satrou first appears rooting for his granddaughter during her matches at the individual tournament. At the intermission, when they see a few friends hanging out he tells her of his regret that she had to transfer to a weak school thanks to him. However she assures him that she doesn't need weak teammates. After Kazue loses her final game of the day, he was amazed that someone could out play her in the south wind.

Training Camp Arc

He is mentioned  by Takako Kubo revealing her surpise that he even had a granddaughter.

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