The Shimane Middle School Tournament is a tournament to see who qualifies for the national tournament and features schools from around the Shimane prefecture. Shimane Prefecture is divided into 8 cities and 5 districts. The two largest cities Matsue and Izumo bring two schools each. The other six cities bring one school each. The districts also bring one school each except for Kanoashi district which brings two. The competing schools are determined in preliminary tournaments in the cities or districts. This is the tournament from the Shinohayu era.

Tournament draw

Group A
  • Hirefuri Middle (Masuda City)
  • Akana Middle (Iishi District, Iinan Town)
  • Iya Middle (Matsue City)
  • Kushijima Middle (Oda City)
Group B
  • Yasugi Middle (Yasugi City)
  • Himebara Middle (Izumo City)
  • Meragi Middle (Nita District, Okuizumo Town)
  • Kuniga Middle (Oki District, Nishinoshima Town)
Group C
  • Hoshizaka Middle (Kanoashi District, Yoshika Town)
  • Fukuura Middle (Hamada City)
  • Aonoyama Middle (Kanoashi District, Tsuwano Town)
  • Yumachi Middle School (Matsue City)
Group D
  • Hinobori Middle (Unnan City)
  • Tebikigaoka Middle (Izumo City)
  • Komosawa Middle (Gōtsu City)
  • Yakami Middle (Ōchi District, Ōnan Town)

The winner of the four groups advance to compete in the final, which was won by Komosawa Middle.

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