Shuuichirou Oonuma
Personal info
Japanese name: 大沼 秋一郎
Nickname: The Gunpowder
Birthday: October 21
Faction: Noveoka Spangles
Debut: Saki (manga), round 56
Voiced by: Eiji Miyashita

Shuuichirou Oonuma is a professional mahjong player and also does commentary.


Shuuichirou is an old man with balding grey hair and goatee. On his professional mahjong card, he is seen wearing a light brown shirt and a green overshirt, brown pants, and brown loafers, and it is stated that he is 72 years old, 174 cm tall, and weights 68 kg.


Combined Training Camp Arc

Oonuma was shown along with Tomoko Horinouchi commenting the Kagoshima tournament. When the match ends, he gives insight on Hatsumi Usuzumi's win.

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