Sumiyo Fukabori
Fukabori an2
Personal info
Japanese name: 深堀 純代
Birthday: October 10
School: Kazekoshi Girls' High School
Grade: Second-year high school
Debut: Saki, Round 7 (unnamed)
Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga
Live-action actor: Mizuki Hoshina
Position: Vice-Captain

Sumiyo Fukabori is a second year student at Kazekoshi Girls School.


Sumiyo is a large girl with long brown hair tied into a braid and brown eyes. She wears the standard Kazekoshi Girls' uniform.

Playing Style / Abilities

Not much is seen, however she is the fourth best player on Kazekoshi's roster.


She is a rather quiet individual and rarely talks outside of her matches. She is not shown doing much but standing in the background with her teammates. Sumiyo currently takes care of the Ikeda triplets with Seika Bundou, while their parents are at work and Kana Ikeda is away at the nationals.