Takako Kubo
Kubo an2
Personal info
Japanese name: 久保 貴子
Birthday: February 25
School: Kazekoshi Girls' High School
Debut: Saki, round 11
Voiced by: Miho Yamada
Live-action actor: Hinako Sano
Position: Coach

Takako Kubo is the coach of Kazekoshi Girls School. She is friends with Yasuko Fujita and together they work on a mahjong selection committee.


Takako has yellowish brown hair with a bangs on her side forehead only. She is typically shown wearing a business suit with a blazer, dress shirt and necktie.


She has a rather harsh personality, and even physically abuses her team when they do not perform to her high expectations. However she does care for them, shown when she tried to comfort Kana Ikeda after her defeat in the prefectural finals.


Prefectural Tournament Arc

Takako is first introduced when she slaps Mihoko Fukuji after her performance. She then turns her attention to Kana and criticizes her recent play as well as her performance in last years prefectural finals. However, before she could hit Kana, Mihoko saves her. Takako then walks out of the room saying that they'll have a meeting when she gets back.

She is seen in the background mostly during the prefectural final, only giving Mihoko a compliment after her big win. When Kana comes back from her match with her head covered, Takako appears out of nowhere and pulls her shirt down to reveal her crying face. After a few speachless moments, she tells Kana that she should be proud and that if she is ashamed of how she played, she should quit the club. Takako then turns to the others and says that she got permission for them to stay an extra night in their hotel and that they should take it easy.

Combined Traing Camp Arc

Takako is with Yasuko discussing some work they're doing. They then discuss how good Kazue Nanpo was and that they didn't know that Pro Nanpo had a granddaughter. Takako also brings up Momoko Touyoko and her difficult ability. She then hears about Yasuko putting together a four school training camp and says that she just wants to play them.

National Tourament Arc

Kubo hotel
She came to Tokyo along with Kana, Mihoko and Miharu Yoshitome because of Mihoko's matches in the individual tournament. In her room, she talks with Seika Bundou about her babysitting Kana's triplet sisters. Seika then says that its fine because next year they'll all be going to the nationals to which Takako smiled and agreed with her.

Takako later appears with Yasuko and runs into Sukoya Kokaji and Kouko Fukuyo on their lunch break. After a bit of a chat, Ikuno Akasaka appears and Takako says that she's a troublesome person and leaves with Yasuko.


  • According to the character table, Takako is a reformed delinquent.