Tomoe Karijuku
Tomoe FN
Personal info
Japanese name: 狩宿 巴
Birthday: March 25
School: Eisui Girls' High School
Grade: Third-year high school
Debut: Saki (manga), round 56
Voiced by: Chinatsu Akasaki
Position: Sergeant

Tomoe Karijuku is a third year at Eisui Girls' High School.


Tomoe has long maroon hair tied into a pony tail and brown eyes with glasses. In her first appearance she wore a school uniform, however she is latter seen in a miko outfit like the rest of Eisui.


Tomoe is a level headed and reliable girl.

Playing Style / Abilities



Combined Training Camp Arc

She is first seen after her team wins the prefecturals to get to the nationals. Here she is the only one to be wearing a school uniform and informs Hatsumi Usuzumi that Komaki Jindai is resting.

National Tournament Arc

She makes her appearance at the nationals were she and the others from Eisui are discussing the level of competition and remembering back to last years tournament were Koromo Amae impressed them. During Jindai's match in the second round, she comments on how fast she awoken and they must be ready for a 30,000pt difference.

She is next seen during her sergeant match. Her match is scarcely shown but in it Tomoe, as are the rest, is baffled by Mako Someya's decision to play and win with low scoring hands.

Tomoe is later shown at halftime during Haru Takimi's lieutenant match. When she see's her smiling she says that Haru only smiles when talking about muscovado and the demon world. We later see her in a flashback with Kasumi Iwato and herself warning Hatusmi about Sae Usuzawa's abilities. Tomoe is again shown before Iwato's match telling her it's been awhile since she last played. Later in Kasumi's match, she and Hatusmi are surprised that players are starting to counter her abilities. After Kasumi's loss she and Harue are seen purifying her body. When Komaki apologizes, Tomoe explains that her spirits are on rotation and she had a weak god this time. Kasumi then says they should go to the beach and Tomoe says that they should invite Akise and everyone from the middle school as well.

Final Eight Arc

When they arrive at the beach, Tomoe wonders where Miyamori is and was disappointed that they couldn't swim with them until the next day. She then chides Komaki when she says she didn't do her homework.

National Championship Arc

She is there to greet the visiting Miyamori girls along with Hatsumi. In the bath, Tomoe asks Shiromi Kosegawa if they'll have fun watching the recorded games before the individual tournament.