Yae Kobashiri
Yae anime
Personal info
Japanese name: 小走 やえ
Birthday: March 20
School: Bansei High School
Grade: Third-year high school
Debut: Saki Achiga-hen, Chapter 3
Voiced by: Hiromi Konno
Live-action actor: Jun Amaki
Position: Vanguard
Yae Kobashiri is a third year at Bansei High and is the president of the mahjong club. She is Nara Prefecture's current individual tournament champion.


Yae has dark hair that is tied plainly on the right side and into a drill with a red ribbon on the left side. She is rather short, has brown eyes and wears the standard Bansei uniform.


Yae thinks that she is superior to all her prefectural opponents, although this is understandable given her school's unparalleled success. She is always confident, and while she is able to notice when her opponents are more than they seem, she tends to still dismiss them as weaker than she is.

Playing style/Abilites

Yae has played mahjong since elementary school. She was selected to be Bansei's vanguard, and due to her school's success she can be considered a high level player. Yae's play is only shown briefly, but she appears to favor a very safe style, abandoning a chance at iipeiko for a slightly wider path to tenpai.


Preparation Arc

She first appears leaving a supermarket and wonders whats with the stunned look on her teammates faces. She then notices the Achiga girls who they were looking at and tells them the Shizuno Takakamo might be a good opponent because her hands have blisters from playing mahjong. Yae then exclaims that it doesn't matter because she was at that level 9 years ago. During the prefectural tournament her match was briefly shown. In the first hand, she quickly got into tenpai and declared riichi, but was immediately afterwards surprised by Achiga's Kuro Matsumi's dealer baiman tsumo. Although she managed to gain a large amount of points during the rest of the game, she could not lessen Achiga's lead. After Bansei lost to Achiga and was knocked out of the tournament in the first round, she was seen hugging her team's 5th player Yuka Tatsumi.

Final Eight Arc

Yae makes her appearance in an Arata Sagimori flashback. Here she tells Arata that she won't have Achiga screwing up in the nationals. Later she asks if they have free time and that they could have a match against Bansei before they leave.

National Championship Arc

Yae is in Tokyo to prepare for the individual tournament. She meets Arata late at night to tell her congratulations on making the finals. She then says that it hurts to see a team that beat her make it there but if they win, she will stop hurting.

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