Yuuki's Universal Tacos Plan! is a manga miniseries written and illustrated by Ritz Kobayashi. It began in volume 1 of the Saki manga and it has since been featured in every volume of the manga up to volume 13 with the exception of volume 11. It currently consists of twelve episodes.


Yuuki's Universal Tacos Plan! stars Yuuki Kataoka in an adventure to save the Land of Tacos from the neighboring country's king who is using the power of corn to wage war.


Land of Tacos

The Land of Tacos is a large floating island.

Kunihiro Hot Springs

The Kunihiro Hot Springs is in a valley that has yellow stained ground and steam rising from smokestacks.


Yuuki Kataoka

Yuuki is the star of the miniseries and is on a mission to save the Land of Tacos.

Kyoutarou Suga

Kyoutarou is left alone when Yuuki and Capybara go off on their adventure.


Capybara is the spacey version of Kyoutarou's pet who helps Yuuki travel throughout the beginning of her journey.

Taco People

Taco People are the residents of the Land of Tacos.

Evil King

Evil King is the king of the "neighboring country" who hates tacos because his family divorced over how bad they tasted.

Hajime Kunihiro

Hajime is the host of the Kunihiro Hot Springs where Yuuki and Capybara rest on their way to the Evil King's land.

Koromo Amae

Koromo is a travel companion who Yuuki picked up. She has lived for over a thousand years.

Kana Ikeda

Kana is travel companion who Yuuki picked up. She challenged Yuuki but was defeated.


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  • If your diet mainly consists of tacos, space tacos will fill you up even faster!!
  • Capybara: ... the King of the neighboring country has a monopoly on the corn that is needed to make tacos.
    • Yuuki: So the Land of Tacos is struggling with low birth rates, huh?
  • Just because the one Cup of Noodles you tried was bad doesn't mean that all Ramen is bad! It's the same with people, or nations!
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